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    • Intelligent Manners - Night Grooves #125 - Megapolis 89'5 FM 26.01.2016 [#FreeDownload]
    • Night Grooves Drum & Bass radio show by Intelligent Manners. Every Tuesday from 4-5 pm GMT on bassdrive.com [ENG] and 8-9 pm GMT on megapolisfm.ru [RU] Subscribe to Night Grooves podcast on Tracklist: 01. LSB & Tyler Daley - The View (Calibre Remix) 02. Lenzman - Homie Don't Play That 03. Kasper – Suggestions 04. Rafau Etamski – Lush Dream 05. Digital – Toll Free 06. Document One – Run The Block 07. Czekki - Don't Get Wise 08. DJ Chap – Terrorist 09. Enei & Kasra feat. DRS – Lessons...
    • 05 Feb 2016 13:42
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    • Essef | Deep DnB Sessions Vol. 35 [#FreeDownload - #Tracklist]
    • Tracklist: 01. Zero T: My Name (Lenzman Remix) 02. Furney: Rhodes For D 03. Electrosoul System: Do It All Night Long 04. Madcap: Positive Vibes 05. SoulStructure: Progressive Future Music 06. Furney: Inside You 07. Flaco: El Ratone 08. LSB: Remedy 09. Paul SG: My Heart ft Grimm 10. Madcap: Miss You 11. SoulStructure: Spectre 12. Kubiks & Lomax: Taking A Stand 13. Tim Cant & Greekboy: Team Force 14. Random Movement: Yes You Are 15. dRamatic: Molecular 16. Blade: Brave 17. Random Movement:...
    • 26 Jan 2016 00:46
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    • DOSE (NZ/UK) | Dose studio mix January 2016 (All Dose mix) [#FreeDownload]
    • Since 2006 Dose has been releasing drum and bass internationally and with over 100 releases on both vinyl and digital, and including an LP, has cemented his name as one of NZ's finest solo dnb artists. Being one of the few artist around the world who play sets of all original music Dose continues to forge his name across the dnb circuit as a unique original artist standing by his own sound. With studio sessions a plenty, dj bookings across Australia and NZ, and his 2nd LP in the works...
    • 21 Jan 2016 19:30


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    • Herbie Hancock - I Thought It Was You [Video + Lyrics]
    • Lyrics Just glance from behind Happened by chance or design The perfume she wore Took me back through a door I had closed long ago Suddenly I thought it was you Thought it was you Thought it was you Thought it was you Remember what we knew I thought it was you Thought it was you Thought it was you Remember when i thought it was you We were young love was new Warm as the sun shining through In your arms it seemed I went back to a dream I had seen long ago Suddenly I thought it was you...
    • 30 Jan 2016 11:10
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    • Toto - Georgy Porgy [Video + Lyrics]
    • Lyrics It's not your situation, I just need contemplation over you I'm not so systematic, it's just that I'm an addict for your love Not the only one that holds you, I never ever should have told you You're my only girl I'm not the only one that holds you, I never ever should have told you You're my only world Just think how long I've known you, it's long for me to own you, lock and key It's really not confusing, I'm just the young illusion, can't you see I'm not the only one that...
    • 29 Jan 2016 18:24
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    • Richard Ashcroft - Check the Meaning [Video + Lyrics]
    • Lyrics When I'm low, and I'm weak, and I'm lost I don't know who I can trust Paranoia, the destroyer, comes knocking on my door You know the pain drifts to days, turns to nights But it slowly will subside And when it does, I take a step, I take a breath And wonder what I'll find Can you hear what I'm saying? Got my mind meditating on love, love Feel what I'm saying Got my mind meditating on love, love (The human condition, the human condition) Too much blood, too much hate, turn off...
    • 21 Jan 2016 20:49
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    • I Benefici dell'Acqua e Limone al Mattino
    • 01) Un limone al giorno vi garantira’ di assumere una buona dose di vitamina C e di flavonoidi che vi aiuteranno a combattere e prevenire le malattie da raffreddamento e a risolvere o alleviare i processi infiammatori gia’ in atto nel vostro organismo. In caso di raffreddore vi consiglio di preparare delle limonate calde da sorseggiare durante la giornata. E se berrete il succo di limone ogni mattina probabilmente non vi ammalerete neanche. 02) Bere il succo di limone migliora...
    • 21 Jan 2016 18:36
    • DjMaverix's Avatar
    • SABRINA SIGNS San Francisco, CA
    • Biography: Sabrina Signs is a multi-​talent​ed musician hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area. She is a producer, DJ, and singer, making her very special. She will entertain you with her original songs and mixes. Her singing background includes R&B, Hip-Hop, Rock, and Dance. Through her mixshow, aptly named Sabrina Signs' Diary, she shares her feelings and diverse tastes in EDM music from any genre of EDM to collec​tively craft an experience you will undoubtedly enjoy. Her live...
    • 18 Jan 2016 14:48

Design's Factory

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    • Free Movies by Archive.org
    • Watch full-length feature films, classic shorts, world culture documentaries, World War II propaganda, movie trailers, and films created in just ten hours: These options are all featured in this diverse library! Many of these videos are available for free download.
    • 03 Feb 2016 18:16
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    • Flush the Buffer Early in Php
    • When users request a page, it can take anywhere from 200 to 500ms for the backend server to stitch together the HTML page. During this time, the browser is idle as it waits for the data to arrive. In PHP you have the function flush(). It allows you to send your partially ready HTML response to the browser so that the browser can start fetching components while your backend is busy with the rest of the HTML page. The benefit is mainly seen on busy backends or light frontends. A good place to...
    • 25 Jan 2016 00:17
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    • The Ryokan Hoshi. Oldest Hotel of the World.
    • The Ryokan (japanese word for "traditional hotel") Hoshi is the oldest hotel in the world, since it was build in year 717 !!! And the same family have run it all along this centuries. Placed in Hokiruki (Japan), the Hoshi Hotel looks like the perfect place to have a japanese old style vacation, including thermal baths, being one of the few places where both men and women can entered the baths together. Ok, it's 300 euros (385 US$) per night, but it's definitely a place I would like to visit...
    • 21 Jan 2016 20:00


Music Floor

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    • Juicy M JuicyLand #137
    • Hey guys, welcome to new episode of JuicyLand! Latest releases and fresh promos are waiting for you inside! Wanna hear your track in JuicyLand? Send your promos to promo(at)juicy-m.com Full tracks from JuicyLand podcasts available in my special playlist on Spotify. Go check it: bit.ly/JuicyLandHotTracksSPOTIFY Tracklist: 01 Give It Up By Jack Wins 02 Can't Breathe By Adam Cooper & Oscar 79 feat. Sanna Hartfield 03 If Only I Could By Brooks 04 Let The Bass Be Louder By Abel Ramos &...
    • 05 Feb 2016 20:35
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    • Studio Brussel | Charlotte de Witte - 2016 #4
    • Charlotte de Witte - 2016 #4 The dark side of electronic music, elke zaterdag tussen 23 en 00. www.stubru.be/dj/herbeluistercharlottedewitte @ www.fb.com/charlottedewittemusic
    • 05 Feb 2016 17:15
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    • Café del Mar Presents Ibiza Chillout Mix Vol. 4 (2015) [#Tracklist]
    • Tracklist: Scathe. - Breathe Artificial - SAL IanEwing - Beauty Galimatias & Sorrow - Subside Nvoy - Girl Two Colors - Places Aeble - Better By Your Side ft. Tom Aspaul Mozambo & Kungs - To Describe You ft. Molly Enzalla - Somewhere Vacant - Fate Thomas Hood - Tell Me Nymbus - Silica Glo + Craset - Starlight New album ChillWave now available : smarturl.it/ChillWave (Tracklist differs from this mix) » Website www.cafedelmarmusic.com » Facebook...
    • 01 Feb 2016 10:04
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    • Juicy M JuicyLand #136
    • Hi everyone and welcome to new episode of JuicyLand! Enjoy this week's fresh promos and new releases! Send your promos to promo(at)juicy-m.com If you wanna hear full tracks from JuicyLand podcasts on Spotify, go check my playlist: bit.ly/JuicyLandHotTracksSPOTIFY Tracklist: 01 Nobody Does It Better By Michael Calfan 02 Snakes By Sikdope 03 Chronic By Matroda 04 Give Me Some By Fedde Le Grand, Merk & Kremont 05 D.A.N.C.E. By Dirty Ducks 06 We All Fall Down (Simon de Jano & Madwill...
    • 29 Jan 2016 23:24
    • Trony's Avatar
    • Lillbooya - Flow My Headset - Progressive Goa/Psy Mix Set 2014
    • Tracklist intro 01. flowjob - goas ark 02. rocky - city lights (symphonix rmx) 03. Symphonix - Nobody Knows (Phaxe Rmx) 04. Aqualize - Land of 2 Suns (Phaxe Rmx) 05. Flowjob - Half Moon Nanny 06. Flowjob - We dont wanna scare your children 07. ? 08. suntree - white nights 09. phaxe - its always sunny (with vice) 10. symphonix - the good old times (rocky remix) 11. rocky - naked eyes 12. yotopia - boundless (original mix) 13. flowjob - mercury calling (more info from the u.f.os) 14. phaxe...
    • 28 Jan 2016 21:23

La Pravda

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    • One Hundred Years of Solitude - Gabriel García Márquez
    • "Because it’s so wonderful to get sucked into the world of Macondo, it’s easy to forget that One Hundred Years of Solitude isn’t just a masterpiece of magical realism. It’s an allegory for colonialism, the human condition, and the political strife in Latin America."
    • 11 Jan 2016 16:46
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    • Il Ribelle è il Singolo. - Ernst Jünger
    • "Il ribelle è il singolo, l’uomo concreto che agisce nel caso concreto. Per sapere che cosa sia giusto non ha bisogno di leggi, né di qualche giurista di partito. Il ribelle attinge alle fonti della moralità non ancora disperse nei canali delle istituzioni. Qui, purché in lui sopravviva una qualche purezza… Tutto diventa semplice."
    • 05 Jan 2016 22:04
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    • Antonello Venditti - Modena (1979) [Video e Testo]
    • Testo: Con le nostre famose facce idiote, eccoci qui. Con i nostri sorrisi tristi, a parlarci ancora di noi e non c'è niente da scoprire, niente da salvare nelle nostre parole. Ricordi, libri da buttare, frasi da imputare di due bandiere dritte in faccia al sole. Ma cos'è questa nuova paura che ho? Ma cos'è questa voglia di uscire, andare via? Ma cos'è questo strano rumore di piazza lontana, sarà forse tenerezza o un dubbio che rimane? Ma siamo qui, a Modena, io resto qui a...
    • 21 Dec 2015 19:40
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    • La Vita avventurosa del Rivoluzionario Messicano Pancho Villa
    • "Un prete è un uomo di affari come qualsiasi altro mestiere." "Sarebbe magnifico, e ci credo, che posso contribuire a rendere il Messico un luogo felice." "E' mio dovere informarvi che Pancho Villa è ovunque e in nessun luogo allo stesso tempo." "Gli eserciti sono i maggiori sostenitori della tirannia." "E' giusto che tutti aspirino a qualcosa di più, ma allo stesso tempo che a noi si riconosca il valore delle nostre azioni." "Io non sono cattolico, né protestante, né ateo. Sono un...
    • 05 Jun 2015 17:53
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    • Stop TTIP
    • Dal Quote: Invitiamo tutt@ a partecipare alla campagna per fermare il TTIP IO FIRMO! 54mila firme entro il 7 giugno !!! COME CONTRIBUTO ITALIANO ALL'OBIETTIVO EUROPEO DEI DUE MILIONI. "Io Firmo" Accelera la petizione internazionale STOP TTIP in vista della risoluzione che verrà votata il prossimo giugno al Parlamento Europeo. Io Firmo. Accelera la petizione #Stop TTIP: 54mila firme entro il 7 giugno "Io Firmo". Accelera la petizione internazionale Stop TTIP in vista della risoluzione che verrà...
    • 03 Jun 2015 21:19


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