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Made exclusively by hand in England, each pair of cabinets takes 5 skilled artisans 2,000 man hours to build; 1,400 hours for the cabinets alone and 600 hours for the bronze, silver and gold work – executed with absolute attention to detail, standing at 1.6 metres tall, weighing 240 kilos per pair.

The main cabinet houses a 15-inch, paper-cone woofer with a custom-designed suspension within a modified exponential-compound horn that is hand-made of laminated beech wood. Above it is a 3-inch compression driver in an exponential horn, also made of beech. Proceeding up the frequency spectrum, we come to a 1-inch beryllium-dome compression tweeter at the throat of a modified exponential horn made of cast bronze. At the top is a slot-dispersive compression super-tweeter, also with a beryllium diaphragm.

As with most horn-loaded speakers, the Vox Olympian is extremely sensitive, 105dB/W/m, which means it can play plenty loud with very little amplifier power behind it, making this speaker ideal for single-ended triode amps.

Pricing for the custom made Vox Olympian starts at £210,000 and goes up, depending on the materials and finishes. The finish levels include a rustic unsealed open wood grain with matte luster, classic sealed open-grain with low satin luster, hand-rubbed full-grain French polish with 30% gloss and high build polyester lacquers in any color.

Materials include the finest exotic hardwoods and metals such as gold, silver, bronze, tellurium, beryllium and alnico.

Source: High End Audio For The Passionates
Official Website: Vox Olympian
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