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Machines from A&M Limited founded by Mr. Atsushi Miura and marketed under the Air Tight brand evince typically Japanese obsession over detail. At the 2009 High End Munich show, I had the pleasure to meet Mr. Miura in person. Like most Japanese, he wasn’t very tall. He no longer was very young either but incredibly friendly and openhearted. When he realized that I was from Poland, he got excited. While we exchanged a few pleasantries only, this meeting remained alive in my memory as a kind of archetypical encounter with a Japanese - one not not already Europeanized and assimilated by the West but full of cultured esteem, great care for detail and a pleasant lack of hurry. This is quite tangible in the best of Kondo/Audio Note Japan, 47 Laboratory, Leben, Reimyo and even larger Japanese companies like Accuphase or Luxman. Air Tight is special because of its founder’s personality and their incredible manufacturing quality as well as generally good taste.

Thanks for Photos to Rene Rivo

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