file Friday 25/01/13 2RINDEEP EVENTS with || DRAGOSH (Desolat, Brouqade) || CALLY (Fear of Flying, Only300) || BAMSY (2rindeep, Mystery Train)

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Friday 25 January 2RINDEEP EVENTS


Like all those who now are addicted to music Dragosh's passion started when he was a child. The first things he heard were classical, jazz, folk and after hip hop thanks to his brother who made him loving the old school snare and bass. At the early age of 8 years old he was already managing with vinyls to listen stories and romanian folk music. At that age he was living in Bucharest and he had the ocasion to start listenig to various kinds of music passing by mainly hip hop and house thanks to his two brothers with two different kind of music taste.
Start doing music came at the age of 15 when he saw for the first time a music software and from that day all became natural in managing music softwares. Nowadays he's creating art from what he feels with many influences like old school and non. His releases until now on labels like Desolat, Defected, Moon Harbour, Harthouse, Plastic City with EPs and compilations and supported by almost everybody.
Dragosh's policy for his dancefloor is a mix of his and others arts in Live Sessions. His live sets saw him part of dancefloors like Sun Waves Fest in Romania, Ministry of Sound in London, Kinski Wien and offcourse others.
A short bio can't explain Dragosh like person for this reason he prefer talking with his music.


Cally is a romanian dj and producer that originates from Craiova but currently lives in Milan , Italy . He released on Fear on Flying , and was remixed by the likes of Skudge or Anonym ; he was featured in the Green & Blue 2009 compilation and this year on the Cocoon Heroes 2011 compilation mixed by Adam Beyer and Dorian Paic


Alex Lucian aka Bamsy, born on 07.07.1985, has started his career at an early age, being driven by the desire to assert and to prove his skills as a young DJ. Because he is a character honest, ambitious and dedicated to his vocation ... MUSIC ... has managed to achieve he’s own dream by impressing and, at the same time, captivating those who had the privilege of knowing he’s achievements.
The course to this point has not been by far an easy one, but because of his courage and ambition to succeed has ascended slowly but surely.
Being gone for 8 years in Italy (Turin), he managed to impose himself, through he’s talent and proved dedication as well as the passion with which he plays, in front of the audience in clubs such as -2 Living Club, Centralino Club, Jam Club, Groove Club, Acua Club, La Gare Club, famous Underground Local and the best-known Afterhours from Turin - Doctor Sax, Cocorico Riccione ,Pier Club , Palace Club where, at present, is Resident (Turin) Italy, and beyond. He’s dedicating most of the time to the music and for the continuous effort to the improvement and development of its activities.
We, all those who listening him with such enthusiasm, being fascinated by his music and dedication, were convinced that he’s a perfect DJ with a bright future ahead. Another proof of his abilities is the invitations, which grow continuously, to perform in clubs from Turin, as well as the public response after each event

''La Dolce Vita'' Un gioiello nel cuore di Torino, e il CLUB più esclusivo per raffinatezza, L'eleganza e L'accoglienza sono di casa, in un ambiente selezionato che offre una grande varietà di musica . Tutti i venerdi House - Deep - Tech
Si consiglia un abbigliamento curato, poiché la direzione si riserva il diritto di selezione all'ingresso.

(vibrates your life) !

|| Info & Prenotazioni Tavoli 389 55 49 338

ORARIO: 23:00 05:00

LUOGO: La Dolce Vita Exclusive Club

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Author for FusoElektronique. Dj Resident for We Play The Music We Love. Juventus FC Fan.
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