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Barac, Cristi Cons, Lyonel
Line up:

- BARAC (Metereze/OdD)

Barac is clearly one of the most prolific producers on the Romanian scene today. He may not have many releases out, but his unreleased tracks have already found their way into many extraordinary mixes. It first started with Noi Doi, the formula that brought Barac and Dubtil together some time ago, now it continues with an EP already launched on Naural and a double one on Metereze.

And that’s only half of it. Of course Barac is also djing and of course he knows his stuff well. Of course he has a live act and, again, of course it’s very good. Of course we love him. Of course.

- CRISTI CONS (Amphia/a:rpia:r)

Cristi Cons’s affair with music is deeper than you might think. He studied cello for more than 15 years and he’s also a graduate of the National Music Academy. He started dj-ing about 7 years ago and since then he has developed a very deep and special sound. His mixing skills pushed him in the booth along today’s top dj’s, and he didn’t fail once.

Electronic music production has been his number one interest in the last years, whether he was doing it alone, or with Vlad Caia under the SIT monicker. He was involved in Petre Inspirescu's PI project and a few years back he had started the Amphia label which features mostly his and Vlad’s pieces.

Being so productive have led them to think that a SIT live act would fit them both. And they were right. With a few selected appearances so far, they are starting to make waves!

- LYONEL (Reckon/The Night Train)

Reckon's main resident, well known for his hability of being a crowd's favorite over any big/expensive dj guest at any event. Has the power, knowledge and passion to create a serious and intense journey with every set, highest selection of music, incredible energy, perfectly agressive and unpredictable. We just love Lyonel.

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