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Venerdì 30 Novembre nasce "Reverse Clubbers Torino" una nuova piccola ma ambiziosa realtà che punta a una specifica nicchia di clubbers amanti della musica di tendenza alternativa.
Scopo del progetto, promuovere e proporre le nuove realtà artistiche musicali contemporanee con l'intento di dar luce alla così detta new generation artists.

Prima ospite del progetto "Silvie Loto" in esclusiva per la prima volta a Torino. Artista che rispecchia perfettamente il nostro concept ; giovane Dj che in poco tempo è ar
rivata alla massima visibilità grazie al suo sound innovativo e alla sua energia prorompente.

Biography of Silvie Loto:

Silvie Loto was born and grew up in Italy with a deep interest in music from the very beginning and, very early on, she decided to follow her passion. She started DJing at the age of 17, fascinated by the night clubs and the music there after several trips to London, Spain and Germany, where she got in close contact with new sounds. In 2008 she started to play at Tenax club in Florence and it was the starting point for her to play at the best clubs all over Italy, being on the same bill as many international djs.
She has been a resident of the legendary party Ultrabeat at Goa club in Rome and the well-know Nobody's perfect party at Tenax club in Florence since 2010.
This summer Silvie played at Amnesia Ibiza for one of the most acclaimed events of 2012, "Music On", playing alongside his creator, Marco Carola.
Today Silvie is considered one of the most promising talent of the Italian scene. Her sets mixes House and Techno influences and her broad knowledge of the electronic music allows her to deliver versatile and deeply emotional


SILVIE LOTO ( Tenax - Goa Ultrabeat )
iNGA ( Angels of Love )
FEDERICO BURATTI ( Amazing Music )

Location : Gamma Club Torino (Via Cagni 7)

Info.line :
Sponsor by:
OverFly Torino

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