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Forming of dance culture in any country is doubtedly defined by events and active night life in a couple of major clubs. If we talk about Ukraine, Forsage Dance Club is exactly one of those key grounds that stipulated main streams in further club development and raised a particular generation of clubbers. Opened in nearly 2006 and having been hosting more than 500 famous DJ’s and musicians, Forsage Dance Club continues to evolve and keeps really young explosive spirit in its cozy halls. Sonic quality has always been prime concern for the club administration; as so recently it was confirmed by cooperation with Function-One.
Starting from the end of August, 2013 you can experience exceptional level of power combined with a fantastic transparency and purity of sound created by Funktion-One Dance Stack - loudspeaker systems designed specifically for the club-world. Forsage Dance Club became the first playground that implemented such kind of sound systems in Ukraine, following best practices of famous world clubs (Berghain, Cielo, Space,Tape) and once again proving its passion for sound.

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