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Por-Bajin is a mysterious island in Siberia - no one knows why it is there or who really built it.

A mysterious island containing a fortress or some sort of prison
out in the middle of absolutely nowhere has been discovered in the deepest lake high in the remote mountains of Siberia.

Vladmir Putin has visited the site and said, quote "I have been to many places, I Have seen many things, but I have never seen anything of this kind."

When you first look at the strange rectangular island of Por-Bajin, it looks like it used to be some sort of fortress....prison...or strange colony. It was determined to have been built around 1,300 years ago.

It even has a little walkway that leads into the island....which strangely still remains even after all these centuries.

But the strangest part about this place is that it was litterally built out in the middle of nowhere...far from any other civilization, very
difficult to get to, and near no trade routes.

Even more confusing is the archeticture seems to hint that it was the Chinese whom built the middle of Siberia....

Even after it's initial discovery about 100 years ago we still have no idea what it was used for or why it was there. Some think it was used as a monestary, some think it was used as a prison, a summer home, or who knows's just this giant fortress out in the furthest reaches of nowhere in one of the most difficult places to reach to.

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