Brock Van Wey - Too Little Too Late

Videos ~ Brock Van Wey - Too Little Too Late ~ FusoElektronique Brock Van Wey - Too Little Too Late. Video published by MrWeedway in Music Floor. Brock Van Wey - Too Little Too Late
If anyone has any objections to the music or to the video, please, send me a message, and I shall remove them immediately! ******************************** Brock Van Wey -- Too Little Too Late Brock Van Wey -- White Clouds Drift On And On Label: echospace [detroit] Catalog#: ECHOSPACE [DETROIT] AIR1 Country: US Released: Jun 2009 Genre: Electronic Style: Dub Techno, Ambient Buy @: ******************************* San Francisco-based producer Brock Van Wey disguised under the moniker Bvdub, crafted ambient dub music on a series of EPs including I Never Cried A Tear (2007), Requited Love (2007), A Moment's Peace (2008), Dreams Of Red Chambers (2008), No Turning Back (2008), Return To Tonglu (2008), as well as on the albums Strength In Solitude (2600 Records, 2007) and Monuments To Oblivion (2008). Van Wey delved into beat-less ambient electronica on White Clouds Drift On and On (Echospace, 2009), the first album released under his own name. The lengthy electronic excursions don't do much else than repeat themselves with minimal variations. The gentle waves of Too Little Too Late are the obvious archetype. Later they yield the nostalgic and ominous White Clouds Drift On And On. The breathing I Knew Happiness Once, however, slowly evolves into a powerful vocal collage. A thick paste of voices is processed by Forever A Stranger (the rare cinematic piece) until it becomes a loud organ-like drone from which a majestic female chant emerges. Blurred voice fragments duet with an out of tune guitar in A Gentle Hand To Hold. The drawback of these suites is that, ultimately, they are just loops of unsophisticated muzak. The bonus CD contains a series of techno-dub "remixes" by Stephen Hitchell.
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Date: 03 Feb 2012 18:22:03
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